what typeface is this of catcher in the rye

Maybe someone knows, which typefaces are good for book design. For long texts to read. Maybe there is a bit more
modern one, then the standard ones like: garamond, baskerville etc?

But can anyone tell me which one this is?



Are you looking for an ID, or for advice?

If it's the latter, let's start from square one: what's the book about?


...and if you are looking for an ID...

1st Image:
"The Catcher in the Rye" - it could be Bell MT SemiBold

2nd Image:
"The Catcher in the Rye" - it looks like New Caledonia Semi Bold Italic or Transitional 511 Bold Italic

while the text body is also close to New Caledonia Semi Bold
but it's not a perfect match.

thank you,
could be both yeah. They seem kinda old.
Has some one a suggestion for this style, but then more modern? So a serif type for books with an old feeling like Bell or New Caledonia. Also I will print on roman paper. But just want the typeface to slighly look more modern. (but still old)

What about Prillwitz?