Quite crazy: I've just dashed off exactly 1K web pangrams!

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As many of you know I have been publishing original pangrams every weekday for some time now. This actually started 2 April 2008, which means today marked my 1,000th pangram!
The pangram in the thread title and 999 others can be found at The Daily Pangram.

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Quite a lot of jumps over the lazy dog! ;-)

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That is quite crazy, dude! Congrats on the longevity.

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Thanks... and keep it up! :-)


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Wild and crazy guy moved to post quickly before thousand jinx.

(Hey, this isn't easy! Congrats Craig.)

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Many thanks to you, Craig! I enjoy your work!

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Well done Craig! I love them :)

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Congrats, Craig, and thank you.

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Wow! Brilliant stuff!


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Chris, as one of the Daily Pangram's biggest fans (and the one with a /z/ in his name), today's is a tribute to you:
Pittsburgh native Lozos frequently exclaims word jokes.

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YES!!! I am truly honored!

Thanks, Craig!

but.... :-)

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Høvdingens kjære squaw får litt pizza i Mexico by.
Vår sære Zulu fra badeøya spilte jo whist og quickstep i min taxi.


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Is that called "the Nor way" ?

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