New G-Type Script fonts Rollerscript released

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Rollerscript Rough and Smooth are now released exclusively on my BRAND NEW WEBSITE! That's right! I'm shouting about it!
You can find them here.

Not only that, but they also have a 25% discount for the whole of February along with every other G-Type font, many of which have been updated/extended/improved to OpenType.

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Congrats! Wonderful.

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Great site, Nick! You're The Greatest! I like "Rollerscript", It's Like True Handwriting!
Keep up the good work!

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Damn impressive font! I believe this is the most authentic looking handwriting font I've seen so far. Beautiful website as well. Just not really feeling the logo (the head that is).

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Thanks. I was playing around with shields for the logo, but didn't really like any of them and it occurred to me that my head is pretty shield shaped so I used that.

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Haha that's quite a funny thought. I think my problem with it is that I try to make it symbolize something but I can't figure out what. Wouldn't just the word 'g-type' be more powerful?

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Woohoooo! I've been waiting for this to be released! One of the select few handwriting fonts I like :-)

Brilliant font, brilliant website!

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Very nice.

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Hi Martin - it symbolises a g inside a head. That's it - nothing profound.

It had been just the g(type) for over 10 years, but I was bored with that so I put it inside the head.

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Your website is pretty well done. Great work!

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Thanks for the positive site comments (as well as the font).

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Bravo! Authentic, stylish and useful.

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Nick, does Rollerscript optionally feature
any sort of "mistakes", like Mister K does?


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No Hrant, it doesn't. I put ink blots, spatters, fingerprints and crossings out in my previous script Olicana because I made it with a steel nib and ink. During the process of writing sheets it occasionally became quite messy, so I included that 'mess' in the font.

Rollerscript was far less messy because I used a green Pentel pen. I did insert some emoticons, symbols and underlines. I suppose I could update with crossings out at a future date if there is a demand for it.

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I adore Olicana, and I think as handsome as Rollerscript is
it might benefit from "mistakes" at the hands of expert users.


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I might get round to updating it when I've done all the other stuff I've got to do, possibly some time later this year.

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There is now a downloadable pdf specimen document.

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