Problems with TTX for Mac

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Hi there,

I am having problems trying to decompile a TTF font with the mac version of TTX (2.0b1)

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "Titaantje:Users:just:code:fonttools:Tools:ttx", line 11, in ?
File "", line 250, in main
File "", line 235, in process
File "", line 154, in ttDump
File "", line 220, in saveXML
File "", line 235, in _tableToXML
File "", line 322, in __getitem__
File "", line 106, in decompile
fontTools.ttLib.TTLibError: unknown format for OS/2 table: version 3

Any idea? Is it maybe because my TTX version is outdated?

I downloaded the latest version (2.3) at:

Then I read the install.txt inside folder 'documentation'. There it says:

For Windows and MacOS there are easy-to-use TTX installers. The rest if this
document is meant for people who want to use TTX/FontTools from the source.

Problem is, I can't find the mac installer in any of the folders.

Can anyone give me a hint?

Thanks in advance.

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the command-line implementation of version 2.2 is included with AFDKO. I have encountered similar errors when using (the standalone application version of) 2.0b1 but not with 2.2.

ADFKO is available from


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Hi there,

I have AFDK installed but for the moment I only use it for hinting. Thanks for the advise, I will try to use it from ADFK.

Cheers. R.

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Hi Agisaak,

Can you give me an example on how to run TTX from AFDK? I've been checking the AFDK and I could not find a mention about it.



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It needs to be invoked from the command-line.

In the terminal, type


and you should get a brief description of the options available from the command line. Your simplest way of using it is to follow the above with the path to a file (either an .otf, .ttf, or .ttx file).

(n.b. the above path is what is present on my system -- depending on how you installed FDK and the version, yours might be different, but look for a folder called Tools in your installation. You can simplify the above by including the fdk tools in your PATH variable).


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It worked. Thanks!

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