2 fonts from Benefit cosmetics catalogue?

These are 2 lovely fonts used on Benefit cosmetics? Any idea what they are called?

2 script fonts

thanks in advance.


Downloaded free at dafont.com the font called Lobster 1.4 which is very close to the cursive retro style of the Benefit cosmetics font.

The bottom one looks like linoscript

I can’t pin it down, but “sketching pencils” is very much in
the “ronde” French upright formal script category.
Here are some at MyFonts. French111 is another. And Fling.

oops. all i read was “i can’t pin it down” and i was off. i should have known better.

my link didn’t work. here’s the good one.


thank you.

Here’s an alternative for the top one: Bickley Script