Please help identify this type face.


I am looking to restore a bike frame from the late 50s and I am having trouble identifying the type face used for the frame builders name.

Many thanks. Joe.


If that's the vintage (1950's) then it seems like it can only be a custom designed typeface produced as a decal. It is a simplified 'blackletter' design that doesn't look much like any digital blackletter font I can find. The J and T, for example, are not typical blackletter shapes at all, and the 's' is quite simple, by comparison to most blackletter fonts.

A few candidates for simple blackletter styles are: SkyClad Gothic, Brauhaus and Kingshead (all at MyFonts). If you want it to look exactly like this you may need to hire someone, or break out the Illustrator/Photoshop software.

- Mike Yanega

Thank you for your help. I will look into the similarities in the type faces you have suggested. Joe.