TDC Non-Latin Intensive 2012 - Cyrillic

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Type Directors Club has posted an announcement of [[]TDC Non-Latin Weekends], a series of professional seminars and workshops on non-Latin type design.

The first seminar in the series of four will address the problems related to the design of Cyrillic typefaces. It is scheduled to take place from Friday, March 2 to Sunday, March 4, 2012. Reservations for TDC Cyrillic Week-End are now open. Seating is limited.

The course will be taught by Maxim Zhukov.

A similar series of seminars was offered by the TDC five years ago. Detailed information on TDC Cyrillic Week-End 2007 is available on the Type Directors Club’s Web site. It was also discussed on [[ ]].

Maxim Zhukov specializes in multilingual typography. From 1977 to 2003 he worked for the United Nations. For many years he has been intimately involved in typeface design, consulting for many individual designers and type foundries. Among them are Adobe, Agfa, Ascender, Bitstream, Carter & Cone, Font Bureau, International Typeface Corporation, Microsoft, Monotype, ParaType, Typoart. Maxim Zhukov is a member of many Russian, American and international professional societies and associations. He is a member of the Board of ATypI, and the member of the Board of the Type Directors Club.

Note: I have adapted this text from the TDC web site and Atypi's web site

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I should add that I am going and I know Antonio Cavedoni is going as well. Who else is?

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Highly recommended! The 2007 seminar was excellent.

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Always a treat to see Maxim do his thing. The last one was terrific and I'll be attending this one as well.

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I'll look forward to seeing you there James!

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I did the Cyrillic (Maxim Zhukov) and Greek (Gerry Leonidas) sessions in 2007, and they were both fabulous.

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I attended the 2007 Cyrillic seminar, and it was most interesting, helpful, and fun.
However, don’t expect to cover your costs with sales in the emergent Cyrillic font market.
It’s more about establishing professional growth and credibility than font sales.

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> don’t expect to cover your costs

Retail maybe, but if you can woo a commission...


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