jumbled glyphs

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Is there a way of organizing glyphs in the font window according to suffix? I just sorted glyphs and all alternate versions of numerals, small caps, etc are now all mixed up and difficult to work with:

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If you switch to Index mode, you can sort them manually via drag and drop.

Or you can write a Python macro to build an Encoding file following your preferred sorting rules, and then use the menu command Glyph → Sort Glyphs → By Encoding.

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You can also just write your own custom encodings (= sorting lists) in a text editor.

Go to Library > Application Support > FontLab > Encoding > and then choose therein one of the existing .enc files to open.
Rewrite its content and edit the header; you must give a new number and name in the first row.
This is the beginning of such a file:
%%FONTLAB ENCODING: 10029; MacOS Central Europe
%%GROUP:Type 1 non-Western (Mac)
%%Source: FontLab 2005-02-26 codepage release with AGLFN 1.3
%%Release: 2005-02-26
%%Changes: notequal -> Dcroat 173
%%Changes: partialdiff -> dcroat 182
space 32
exclam 33
quotedbl 34
numbersign 35
_ _ _ _

Note that the part set in Bold here will be the identification line in the glyph sorting menu.
You can omitt all the %% lines except the first one. You can also omitt the numbers behind the glyph names. In the list, you can insert technical entities like ••• or [–] or whatsoever which you may wish to use as a kind of rubrication (they will show up as glyph cells but you don’t need to furnish them).

Save the new encoding file under a new name with the .enc suffix. The file must be stored in one of the > Library > Application Support > FontLab > Encoding places so that FL can draw on it.

Very convenient way, i.m.o.

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Thank you both

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