Design difficulties with multilingual open type font

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Design difficulties with multilingual open type font


I have a need for a single multilingual font including English, Bengali and Devanagari scripts. My development environment is Windows 7. I am using Type Tool 3.0 for Glyph editing and Microsoft Volt 1.3 for creating Open Type features.

The current state of the project is that I have managed to combine English and Bengali and all features seem to work perfectly in the Volt proofing tool but not so in in Windows MS Word 7 and In-design on Mac OS 10.7, though they are mostly working in these platforms. However in its present state it is not usable due to the following difficulties. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

General Difficulties (Windows + Mac In-Design)

  1. Bengali Reph positioning is not working (OT 'abvm' feature)
  2. Bengali Terminal forms are not working (OT 'fina' feature)
  3. Punctuation marks such as hyphen/underscore/comma/semicolon etc. have different horizontal positions in English and Bengali. This cannot be implemented since the Bengali Kerning is not working (OT 'kern' feature)

Mac In-Design Difficulties

  1. Below base mark positioning is not working (OT 'blwm' feature)

Since the system would not let me attach the volt source file even after renaming as TXT, the best I could do was to provide screen shots.



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For better exposure, you should move the thread (using the "Edit" link) over to the Build section of the forum (now it’s in Design).