Two Fonts : One Old Baseball, Other Copperplate Like

Banging my head trying to figure out these two fonts. Client has a logo, but no idea what the fonts are. Hoping you can assist. Thank you in advance for looking.


Handsome could be Brothers.

HANDSOME is Brothers Bold.
I suspect Bmore is not a font (but I'm often wrong on these).

Thanks guys! Half way home!

Eliason: I'm worried about that as well. I'm trying to get the information out of the original designers, but who knows. I'm just praying that it is, or praying that I can find something REALLY close.

Currently there are T-Shirts with the logo on it. But if we wanted to go beyond that, we're pooched. Hoping someone knows the Bmore Font!

WOW!!! Thank you so much!!!!! Lifesaver!!!