Help identify modern calligraphy looking script font

Does anyone know what the font of the "Oh So Beautiful Paper" blog title is in the header?

Also attached below:



I’m pretty sure it’s hand done. See how the imperfections in the same letters are different? That’s a pretty good sign it’s hand done. When you see a “degraded” looking typeface, but every messy e looks exactly the same, that’s a dead give away that its a font, and not natural. There are, however, some fonts that have alternate characters to avoid this, but they are few. Without having looked into it, I would hazard a guess that this piece is fashioned after a pre-existing script with some of their own hand-writing mixed in.

Good luck!

You could check out Nelly Script and Nelly Script Flourish for a font with a similar feel.

Thank you, guys! I agree, I think it's hand drawn...

Would anyone also have other modern calligraphy font suggestions?

Thanks, Christopher and riccard0!