Runeish tattoo

does anyone know this font? What is it called, where does it come from (country) or where can I get it?



Are you sure this tatoo is based on an actual type design? It looks a bit like these “Lord of the Rings” Celtic rune-like thingies.

I think it’s possible to find similar stuff, but I can’t think of anything at the top of my head.

Yeah, I ran it through WhatTheFont and it didn’t find anything.

(Kidding! Kidding!)

Hmm. I think I know someone who might know… check back soon.

From Brian Bonislawsky:


A very nice tattoo, unfortunately not mine. I would agree with the
other posters that it has a Tolkien script/Runic style feel, although
those scripts are more open and non repetitive like this script is.
Perhaps, however, it is some hand drawn version of Scriptoriums Rheismol
-  — as they seem to share
pretty similar letterforms, except in a less rigid/more fluid form.

Not the same characters, but a similar style:

Gothic Love Letters
Cheery place, eh?


Hmmm, very strange. Some of the glyphs look like Armenian.

Where is Hrant when you need him? :-)

Funny, yeah, I was thinking that at first. In fact, if I really force the issue I can kinda make out a word in there, and it’s suprisingly appropriate: “tsavats”, which means “it hurt”!! Hey, great idea for a tattoo, eh?

BTW, cool that you noticed.