An informal slab serif

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I hope I am not annoying somebody by posting so many treads.

The design is based on nothing in particular, I just though people can use a typeface like this one.

Letters that I am happy with: r, y, t, z.

Letters that I am NOT happy with: k, s.


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Oops, forgot the z:

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Nice looking 'z' with the ink traps. Pretty cool typeface as well. It has a bit of the appearance of a blackletter yet it's much more soft and friendly.

- /w/ is a bit too wide.
- /s/ is too light.
- The bottom side of /e/ (does this part have a name?) should be a bit more extended to the right I think.
- I'm not sure what the /k/ needs but the current design indeed looks weird due to the serif on the leg which extends the length.
- /d/ has a bit too much contrast compared to letters like /n/ and /e/. Actually, I see the same with /p/, /q/ and /a/ so you might want to increase the contrast in /e/ and /n/ instead of decrease the contrast in the other letters.

By the way, as far as I'm concerned you can post as much as you like. I was actually disappointed to see there hasn't been much activity on Typophile in the last few days and also not a lot of new typeface entries.

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I will go, point by point.

/e/... looks better like that.

/k/... I think it needs to be more like handwritten. I will work on it. This one was just demo.

/e/ and /n/... I agree on the /e/, the middle stroke should be thinner, like in the /a/. /n/ though is directly copied from /d/, so the difference must come from some optical illusion, with which I am not familiar with.

Where do you see blackletter in this design?

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> Where do you see blackletter in this design?
It's quite a bold face to begin with, but the one-directional base stems remind me a lot of the blackletter form. Also, the severe slant towards the stems.

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Maybe it is time to show my progress:

Capital letters (which have more serifs than the lowercase).
Most letters have nearly the same width.
The basic shape of b d p q g etc. looks more like it is hand drawn (a little dilemma here, because I actually liked the previous shape too.)
I added some more "inktraps" (not sure if this term is correct)
New "k".

Still a lot of work.

I am thinking that I should use less straight lines.

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To all whom it may concern, here is where I am now:

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