Name of the font ?

Hello everyone !

i would like to know what is the name of the font used on this picture.



Whatever it is, please fix the "C" before you use it.
Pretty ironic in the context of that quote...


sorry what do you mean when you say "please fix the "C""?

It looks like an "L". In French this is particularly
bad since "C" and "L" are both often followed by an
apostrophe. In fact when I tried to read the quote
I was wondering "Is this French or not?" for a few
seconds, then I realized it's a "C".


Oh I see your problem. You're right, obviously here the font deforms the first letter, but yes it's a C.
if you want to know the quote is from Remi Gaillard, a french humorist.

I simply look for the name of the font, I made some searches but any font I find looks like this one...

It's the font's problem: DS design/KidTYPEPaint

Great thank you very much DPape.
You're very good to find font.