Can anyone identify this font?

I saw this on MyFonts (I think) but now can't see it again.

It looks like one of the Zar brush fonts but isn't.

Many thanks


P22 Pooper Black.

What a nice name for a font ;-)


Many thanks!!!

Thanks Jan ;-)

I was designing it while raising a newborn... and, because of its weight, my love for humor and Oz Coopers humor. People don't buy names! But they do buy hundreds of products that employ Pooper Black.

Just "taking care of business" according to Office Depot.

I actually think naming is quite important, and "Pooper" is a winner!


I'm grateful, as a humor lover and appreciator of backhanded compliments, for your sarcasm, Hrant. The subtlety, or hidden meaning, did not go unnoticed :-)

I know how you love hand rendered fonts!

p.s. If it was not intended the way I think it was then I graciously accept the post.

Hedging bets: $0.
Persecution syndrome: priceless.


Just relying on you to keep the level of banter up.

Disappointed! I overestimated your abilities.