Identify; Sound, Berlin, 1980-81

The closest three I've found from that era are Davida, Pretorian and American Uncial.
The image attached is the club entrance from 1980, during the filming of Christiane F.


No one?

If it helps, http://here is the original façade. Notice the N was then roman...

Thanks for your help.

Similar to Böcklin, but clearly not it.

Just looked all the way through my "Art Nouveau Display Alphabets" book, and that was really the closest I could find. Good luck!

Thanks for that. It's probably some sort of 70's Celtic/Gaelic/Uncial revival.
If anyone could shed some light it would be much appreciated.

DISKOTHEK looks like based on Davida, the other one I haven't seen yet. Costum maybe?