Seriatim Substitution

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Hrant (from the critique of Seriatim Gestalt):

> Which reminds me of an experiment I've
> been considering: making a font (probably
> out of Times) that substitutes other letters
> for the real ones, with some minimal
> manipulation. Like taking an "e", rotating it
> 180, and adding a small curling stroke to
> the bottom-right: one messed-up "a"!

I think it was David Carson who did something like that with Times Roman.

Here's a version of that idea using Seriatim. The ground rules: Characters had to be used as they are, with no manipulations other than rotating, shifting or flipping. Characters could not be used to represent themselves (I followed this one pretty well, with the exception of the upper-case "U", which I flipped horizontally, and the at "@", which I flipped vertically). I allowed this rule to lapse for most of the nonalphabetics and nonnumerics.



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The Latin alphabet, in 3000 AD...


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The lowercase r is great. I might try to make a descending r in a typeface. It's an interesting idea.

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David - Nice 'thinking' on this one...the clever redheaded stepchild of your Seriatim family.


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