Sans Serif -- My first typeface design!

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I'm designing this condensed sans-serif top-heavy font. I'd like any constructive criticism you can offer to improve the process and the look of it. This is all the letter I have finished so far...deil_typeface

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Chris, I'm looking forward to seeing this top-heavy font in use.

The only character that really bothers me is the 'B'. The top bowl is too top-heavy for my taste. It's the width more than the height. I'd optically adjust it so it's a bit more narrow. Just enough to correct the illusion that it's wider than the bottom.

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The A is too wide

Nick Cooke

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I would make the same comment as Crugen, about B, of P. The top bowl is too heavy. I also, lookin forward to seeing this typeface in use. Do you also plan to draw the lowercases?

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I really like your new font. I think it would really work in some kind of new sci-fi print-base! I am wondering if the A need a bit of squidge on the top as it seems a bit more pointy than the other letters? However i think it is beautiful. It would work.

I could say that Nick may be right about the A, perhaps being a lil bit too wide as it stands out a little from the other letters. But that may be your aim. It is pretty unique.

The B is lovely. I think that if the bar of the A and the bottom of the P’s bowl were to come to the same level as the other letters, you may have created a perfect font. Keep up the good work!

It is beautiful.

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Oh and ps- i do like your fine choice of colours

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For the "B", try making the top bowl narrower.

BTW, rebekah, thanks for posting less than 13 hours after registering on Typophile!
I'm referring to of course...


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