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Typewriter Script

When I researched typewriter fonts the other day I found this example somewhere … It reminds me the Script font that came with the Selectric, but this one here seems not to be another IBM Selectric font.

Anyone knows what this is? Thanks for your help again!



it looks like Eminenz
a shareware (or Donation Ware) font by Anke Arnold
but I can't find it in their official site: http://www.anke-art.de

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

Right, Eminenz seems to be based on this typewriter font …
I just wonder if anyone ever made a clean, commercial version.

I found this post about an old Brother AX-28 typewriter — the script wheel looks like your sample. But that doesn’t help you with a typeface, sorry.

Ah cool, so it's the script font of a Brother typewriter. Nice to see the full character set! Thanks!

The closest this gal could get to her beloved Brother "font" was Olympia Script - obtainable from this delightful typewriter fonts site (thanks, Mr. Polt!).

Thanks Mike, it's very similar … but again it's pretty rough, i can't believe there's no professional version of this typewriter script …