Alber (First Draft)

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This is the first draft of a new font I'm working on,
(working name Alber)
Some characters are missing and the spacing/kerning isn't completed as yet.
Any comments would be much appreciated.


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Very nice. The cap R looks a bit narrow, tho as I can't find one in your text setting, it may look fine in text.

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Very very neath work, I agree on the "R" and also find the "K" a bit ackward. I like the font and would like to see heavier weights someday.


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Very nice work, I can't imagine this is your first as the quality, consistency and concept is top notch.
Critique? B, P, R are a hair small in context. also, how about an open numeral 4.

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Proper work. Additionally to the previous critiques i have my doubts about the lc 'g'. It is alien in this alphabet - look at your textsetting. The same applies to the 'sz' which in fact is a greek 'beta' .

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Great work! I like the quirky lc 'g' and the lc 'a' is nice too with its small bowl. Keep up to good work!

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Thanks for all your positive feedback.
I will continue developing and post again with alterations.


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Are they the same? I was under the impression, backed up by Robert Bringhurst, that

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Hi Edmund,
Of course they are not the same. I meant that Simon

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Oh, I see. I misinterpreted your previous post to mean that

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