Typography for Scriptwriting

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Hello all,

I'm currently designing for a scriptwriting project - book cover & posters.

I'm under the impression that Courier is the standard typeface for scriptwriting. However, this might seem a tad generic, so I'm tempted by something more contemporary (set it modern day). I've been curious of Officina & Stag. Would anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks for any sort of input!

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Are you talking about a screenplay? Or some other kind of script? If the former is true, there’s not much design you can do (see, for example, here: http://filmschoolonline.com/sample_lessons/sample_lesson_format.htm).

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Yeah, screenplay. But it's not to write one, it's to design the book cover & poster. It'd be nice to 'nod' to the format & type.

Thanks for the link, bookmarked!

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Nitti is pretty awesome imo. It's featured in the Mac app iA Writer.

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