Van Dijck Sans Serif

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I came up with making a sans serif based on this serif face
What do you think?

Edit: pdf attached. Lower part of deVremde_const.pdf for comparison with VDijck Serif. Some changes and the rest of UC letters.

sans1.pdf106.92 KB
deVremde_const.pdf39.9 KB
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How about larger pics or pdf's?

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I don’t think this is contributing much to the flock… Apart from the fact that the kerning is way off there are not enough glyphs presented to give a fair impression.

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I made 26 letters of yet, just to see whether the font is worth something or not.
I think this one could be regular/text plus some ultra light to heavy for display purposes.

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Hmmm... It's not bad, but I think it's too clean to work with your serif. I think it needs a little more of that classic warmth. Right now it seems stuck between classic warmth and modern cleanliness, IMO.

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I like it. The lowercase g seems to be rotating counterclockwise.

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Thank you both for the comments.
"g" - I will reshape it a bit.
As for now it is an exact copy of my serif font with serifs removed. First, I want to finish all letters and then to think what to do next.

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I really like the serif. It is very harmonious/classic warm. So I want to see the sans-serif to be as good.
The "trapeze" where the vertical weight goes from thick, to thin, to thick is interesting.
Personally on the /l/ & /h/ & /b/ & /d/ I find it creates a "top heavy" font, a little unbalanced for my taste.
Also, I miss the beautiful bowls of the serif /d/ & /b/ ... in this condensed sans-serif version.
Additional I would love to see a sans-serif where you keep the original's playfulness, like the /f/ ascender, and elegance like the /j/ descender.

I see great potential in this sans-serif font, maybe you could keep more of the original's caracter.

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Thanks very much. I see some (many;) issues, so back to the work.

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