My 1st font - WIP - Astor

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I wanna see your critiques... do you like it or not etc.

Pic of Astor font WIP:

And in this topic I'm asking how to do further design (spacing and kerning phase atm.):

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There seems to be some inconsistency with how interior corners are treated. Some are rounded and some are square. Compare upper left /D/ to upper left /m/. Or the top of the /A/ vs. the peak of the /N/.

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2, 5, S, and s are trying too hard to become horizontal in the middle.
X and x are too narrow.
I like the idea of the zero.

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Hi Gorgoyle,

I'm no expert, also currently working on my first effort at a typeface :)

My first impression is that there are some unexpected widths in the uppercase, see /R/S/T/U. What sort of grid did you use?

The lowercase feels more consistent, although the bottom right corner of the bowl of the /e is bugging me, and I think should be square.

I can see that you have carried the same corner radius from /D into the /E, but to me it feels like this has reduced its optical width slightly too much.

Agreed the 2 and 5 need work.

Good luck with it - I realise how much stamina is required in this process!

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OK I see I need to explain how font is derived, designed, whatever.

Here: - Hi res image
Save in your computer and see better in image viewer!

Grid: 1000pt hight,
Capitals: 570pt,
lowercases: 400pt,
ascender: 570pt,
descender: 570pt
width: how I decide to optically be OK

Also basic idea for font was to be designed pretty and as possible with optical good "look and feel" and to be modular in same time. All glyphs to be modular... but that's impossible, so I got another font project which will be only modular with less optical balance in glyphs design.
Also basic idea for font is to be "rounded and squared" design, combination of Quad and Circle.

I agree that X is maybe too narrow. I'll redo when I get some time... now I just posted to explain my font concept and last final version of letters and digits how they are at the moment.

Idea for Zero was to make it different from Capital O letter, so I had to cut zero to "nothingness". I like both versions of Zero digit but I think uncutted Zero will make much more confusion than it looks nice, so for better functionality is better to pick cutted Zero digit.

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Here is my older file which only remained from my PC data crash:

I redesigned 3 times this font so far cause of data loss. But was for good! I'm now more better in font design than before, more studious.

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I think this font would be much more worth
finishing if you exaggerated the dark joins,
basically making them the point of the design.


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Well I just wanted opposite! To eliminate any dark joins for printing ink gaps. It's very modern and I think that today we not need ink gaps, in today's print-Press world.

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Well, we can argue about the contemporary relevance
of trapping* but I'm a little bit confused now because
it seemed to me that you're trying to make something
along the lines of Eurostile, and compared to that design
a notable difference in your typeface is the dark joins...

* For one thing I'd point out that many
if not most accomplished type designers
still incorporate them in their work.


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Here my last corrections:
Save and look in your image viewer. Hi-res image.

I corrected N, X, W, x, z and rest. S is fine for me. 2 and 5 fine too.

I think I'll start with spacing and designing rest of characters.

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Before you expand the character set you really have
to fix the weight inconsistencies: some parts of some
letters are much darker/lighter than others. Unless
that's a rendering issue... In fact, why are the two
verticals of the "H" different in thickness? If this is
a rendering issue, it's pretty impossible to tell how well
you've managed the stroke thicknesses, and we'd need
a PDF (or a much better rendering) to be able to tell.

Are those renderings from Illustrator?


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I'm fnishing my font and have one problem. Here:

It missing "hungarumlaut" and "acute" signs. What I need to do to fix that?

And other problem I got my letters with "Caron" sign in them ok positioned in FontLab but in InDesign they are on position "zero". How to fix that?

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Maybe clear your font caches and see if that resolves the issues.

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How to do that?
sorry im new in typography...

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