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Hello everyone.
I have a presentation coming up about "Calligraphy - A relaxing and inexpensive hobby."

I am thinking to start off with the topic of Machines vs Humans. Then I will move to advancement in digitalization of Calligraphy, But the problem I am having is that I dont have enough material. I need help in this topic.

After that I will be talking about Typefaces and after that I will cover the topic of Language... and then I will come to Digital Calligraphy in Arabic/Persian/Urdu(as they all are of same kind.

I want to know that what should I say in the advancements in digitalization of Calligraphy, and how it is more effective.

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Make sure you talk about the Mister K font!

You might also talk about what's called "faux type".


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@KR8V: Some questions to help guide the discussion…

1. As it stands, what do you plan on saying about this point?

2. Is this a personal, professional or academic context?

3. Who are you presenting to?

4. How long is the presentation?

You may find this book relevant:

AbiFarés, H. S. (2001). Arabic typography: A comprehensive sourcebook. Saqi Books. London, UK. ISBN 0-86356-347-3

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You may find this book relevant

Then again, you may not. There are a lot of books on Arabic calligraphy, many of them very good. Unfortunately there are very few books on Arabic typography, and most of them not very good or even accurate.

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