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This is nuetron, a working title for a font inspired by Andreas Lindholm's industrial work. The lower specimen is perhaps a cleaner, more effective face, but offers fewer original elements. L through o, for example.

The top variant is the direction I want to go in, really dive into the chaotic, you know? But I suspect there are too many sub-elements to keep everything looking like a family. Look at the rounded corners clashing with the angled ones. Then add the battling angles of the w, o, and x, and. That x is giving my fits. Character widths seem to be difficult here, for me too.

I'll keep trying to make the upper version work, but in the meantime, does anyone have any help to offer?

As with Atom, once I get everything in order with this face, I'll shrink it down 50% and produce a more traditional screen font.

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Hey, this is cool.
And I really don't see any discord.


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i like some of the letters, but i can't really read the words in white. not because they're low-contrast, but because all the letters look the same. something like this, to me, is only good for a single word logotype, because if it were a title for something, and the title was many words, i'd be confused in reading it. with a logotype, it's ok to be a little illegible. one thing that confuses me in trying to decipher what those words say is the word-spacing. maybe space out the words another pixel or two. i've been glancing up at the font while writing this and i still can't tell what those words say.

g looks like a b
e looks like a p
p looks like the r
in the top version, the L looks out of place

will there be numbers? because the q looks like a 9.

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the "X" feels a bit unbalanced compared to the rest of the letters. The middle part (on the baseline) feels too thick. Try to solve this and you have something better than my old ones...!

Andreas Lindholm

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I don't get the name. Is the misspelling a pun on the French "nue"? :-)


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I'd like to see a lighter wieght of it. You may want to check out these guys, who have craeted some great fonts in the same vane :

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Okay, I've tweaked the name a little bit here, so it doesn't look like a typo. It's really just a working title anyway.

Jim, I began exploring some lighter weights. At first I tried to stick to the point size previously established by the original weight. Thus the top two versions. I tried to take some of the weight out of the vertical axis, but it didn't look so hot. The second version looks better, but is still a bit out of proportion. So I broke down and started downsizing vertically. Any opinions here?

Andreas, I can't emphasize enough how cool it is to have your input. Your d b and e characters were too cool not to play around with! I love your work. Totally unique. I've been playing with the x (it's amazing how many variants are possible with pixel grids) and here are two that work a little better. I had to cheat it in there, as you can see. The baseline is super-elevated, and the descenders aren't as long as the rest of the set. What do you think?

Hrant, thanks for your post. I'm glad to have borrowed your critical eye!

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I'm glad you like my input!
I think the X is loosing the harmony compared to the rest. Maybe you could try to turn it upside down, or replace the left or right descender with a dot? A hybrid of some sort...?

Keep it up!


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I've been tweaking away and come up with this variant. It follows the lines of the other characters a little better, but it definately relies on the rest of the word to give it its meaning.

Also, setting these test words lets me see the a and o need some rethinking.

What do you think of this direction?

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Here's my working final designs. Numbers and finalized names are forthcoming.

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