Type Americana 2: May 4-6, Seattle Washington

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Type Americana 2: May 4-6, Seattle Washington

First, A full day of talking about American type history

Friday, May 4, 10am–5pm

We‘ve invited noted historians and practitioners of American typography to share their research and personal experience—information you won't find assembled anywhere else.

Paul Shaw | Oswald Cooper: Attacked by an itch to work with type

Dr. Cathleen Baker | Roycrofters to Renaissance: The progression of Dard Hunter‘s letterforms from arts and crafts to classical

Paul F. Gehl | Ludlow‘s Mutt and Jeff: Douglas McMurtrie and R. Hunter Middleton

Nancy Sharon Collins | Engraving: The curiously shy stepchild in American type genealogy

Thomas Phinney, Steve Matteson, and Richard Kegler | A second life for vintage American typefaces

Frank Brannon | Print Your Own Language: The role of letterpress in Cherokee language revitalization

On the weekend, a choice of two workshops

Sumner Stone | 1-day Workshop | Rome in a Day: Designing Capital Letters

Saturday, May 5, 9am–4pm

This workshop led by Sumner Stone combines history and the drawing and digitizing of an alphabet of sans serif roman capital letters based on examples from the second century BCE. Stone will show different approaches to designing letters that will reveal their underlying structures and how they relate to modern sans serif forms.

Carl Montford | 2-day Workshop | Plants and Platen

Saturday and Sunday, May 5 & 6, 9am–4pm

Take home three treasures from this workshop. First, you‘ll have a floral wood engraving that you carved, based on 15th century herbal books. You‘ll also have a print of your illustration with its accompanying handset-type description, made on a vintage Reliance iron handpress. Finally, we‘ll give you an illustrated booklet about the restoration of the Reliance, showing how design ingenuity and a passion for making beautiful things created a gem of a refurbished press.

More information and registration: http://typeamericana.svcseattle.com/

Register for single or multiple events. Spaces are limited!
Discount for multiple registration. Student and AIGA discounts.
Discount on hotel reservations until April 12.

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I went in 2010 and it was really great. The design workshop with Sumner Stone was fabulous, only it was too short. This year, tho, it will be a full day.