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Can anyone tell me the name of this font?




Hrant, the P bowl and E cross bar eliminate Hiroshige.

I thought Baker Signet. Nope.

Hard to tell at that sample size but I believe it is ITC Tiepolo (deformed):


Tiepolo was designed by the same folks as Hiroshige: Alpha / Omega.


Boy, that helmet must do something really fantastic to your vision, Randy — good catch!

It’s interesting, Tiepolo looks like a clone of Hiroshige (by Hollandsworth, now Batty), and was made by Richard Baker, the same guy who made Hiroshige Sans in 1986, the same year — in fact the same year as the original Hiroshige! I smell something. It’s like they made a version they could sell themselves, and a version they could sell to ITC

Also note that there seem to be different versions of just Hiroshige: MyFonts shows one with slabby serifs, others with flaring ones, and even one with possibly something in between!

So the sample actually looks a lot like both Hiroshige Sans and Tiepolo, which both have a closed “P”, unlike Hiroshige… although you’ll note that that “P” was modified anyway, so… The “E” I’d have to look again.


I agree there are very subtle differences and smells of some liscense trickery. However, I believe the sample provided is in fact Tiepolo (at least that’s what my helmet tells me). The reason being the P. In Hiroshige sans, the E is indeed the same as Tiepolo, but the P is not closed as you indicated above, while it is in Tiepolo and in the sample. The sample is not large enough to detect any discernable difference in the other letter forms:

Hiroshige Sans


I move to add an (x) on this one.
Does anyone second the motion?



If you guys are into this stuff, don’t forget about Philip Bouwsma.

Oh yeah, I would totally wilt and keel over without my daily fix of oh-so-purdeeee calligraphic type. Yeah.


Was a joy to use Percival on this logo for an organization
that salvages old wood for the crafts of local artisans
in Indonesia:

Tropical Salvage