Busness Management

Anyone know this?


this looks like a real print of a dot-matrix printer
(if you take a close look at the /Es, /Ms, /Ss they are all different)

You can use a font called Datmatrix by Stewart Dean, 1996.
It's not a perfect match, but you can achieve -more or less- the same effect .
The font copyright says:
"This font is share ware. For payment details see: http://www.foresight.co.uk/stewart"
but unfortunately the site is down (or does not exist anymore)...

While not exact it seems to be a close fit. Typerware/NotTypewriter-ButPrinterFat

Can I get the link to buy this font???

There's a Garcia & Co web presence which I didn't explore. Try Garcia Fonts, Barcelona. Another reference is: Typerware: Joan Carlos, Andreu Balius. Published by FontShop International. FontFont release.