Pill Popper font - your chance to finish it!

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Pill Popper font - your chance to finish it!

Hi all,

If you taek a stroll on to www.1001fonts.com and do a search for a typeface called “Pill Popper” you should find that it has no uppercase letters.

I created this during my college/uni years and never got around to doing the uppercase. It’s downloadable as a TTF only — I created it with some cheap program called Font Creator Program v4 (original, eh?!?) which did me well back then.

Anyway, I thought some of you geniuses might feel the urge to give it some uppercase siblings. I’ve not got much time to do them so maybe someone out there can.

If someone does finish the font off — let me know,and I’ll amend the download on the site with the new font and the your name/details!