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Three is a Crowd

Last week I had a good apatite for writing and I added three entries to my blog ArabicType.

One was about Arabic support on the Samsung Galaxy Tab v10.1. The machine had a beautiful Arabic font which it beautifully rendered on its screen. It really assured me that there are huge possibilities in designing Arabic fonts that would render on screens much better than what Windows already provides.

Another entry was an article on a Jordanian typographer and calligrapher, Hussain Al-Azaat. The man has got talent, and I showed some of his work on my blog.

The third blog entry was about an Iranian typographer, Dariush Mukhtari, which came up along my googling "Shahnama", the "Book of Kings", which Sheila Blair referred to in her book, Islamic Calligraphy. Mukhtari has made his own book of kings by drawing Persian kings (and other subjects) from logos made of letters. I am not sure whether he draws by hand or uses a program to construct his images.