THIS FONT IS AMAZING... But I can't for the life of me figure out what it is.



I'm very impressed! I have to ask, is this type common place in the typographers world? Are you that familiar with fonts? Or am I that unfamiliar with fonts? I guess what I'm saying is, how did you know that?

I'm not your usual Typophilian who knows what it's all about.

Each font is basically a unique design, so the goal here is to match what you have (a picture) to what I have (a font). I cheat and use software which compare the two. If I have a font, it will match. If I don't, it won't. No knowledge needed. Just load a picture, turn the crank and see what pops out.

I gotcha. Well thank you for pushing the button so to speak. It really helped my project.

YVW. Come back when you have another project!

So I posted in the forum again regarding a logo...
I just had to say I love this site!! Everyone is so helpful, courteous, and professional. One of the best forums I've ever come across.