Font ID "Crystal Gardens"

Can anyone identify this font?

It's from a vinyl record of the US Air Force performing jazz tunes. The record is from the 70's to early 80's - I wouldn't expect the font to be any newer than 1984.



It looks like it’s lettering, not a font.

...except it was a font. It's an old TypeSpectra face from 1975 called Opulent. There were two weights, light and bold. This one is Opulent Light. I don't know of a digital version.

Holy alternates, Batman! Those As and Rs have fooled me.

There were several alternates for most letters. Not very well drawn, in my opinion.

Wow! Thanks a lot...

Shame it never made the transition to the digital world - I actually really like it - haha!

Can you point me in the direction of anything very similar?

Thanks again!

Ahh but they did! Torsone, Arley-Rose/Bondonidust-Regular

Wow - that's crazy. Thank you, DPape!

How did you even find that?

That artist's work is also pretty amazing & cool story behind the whole thing too.

FYI, Opulent is credited to Phil Martin (the guy who started Alphabet Innovations and TypeSpectra). However, after Phil died in 2005, I heard from one of his former associates who said that some faces that Phil took credit for were actually designed and/or drawn by others in his employ. He stated that Opulent actually may have been designed by George Bain, or that he at least drew it.