Font ID: Striking similarities to Chaparral Pro

Hi -

I'm having some real difficulties identifying a typeface I noticed the other day (I think it was on Veer but to be honest, haven't a clue). It's quite similar to Chaparral Pro, however the differences are most noticeable in the serifs and slight variation in the angle of the italic's slant. I've attached a photograph of the typeface in question with the most notable differences highlighted and a copy of the same text in Chaparral Bold Italic Display for the sake of comparison.

Any assistance you might be able to provide would be most beneficial. At this point, I've gone nuts trying to figure it out and haven't had much luck at all. Damn me for having cleared the browser history the morning after.


Aha. Talk about feeling like an idiot after not being able to track it down. Thanks Jan, truly appreciated!

You’re welcome.