Simple sans serif with an interesting 'a' and 'n'.

Hi everyone.

Here's an interesting one. I've had a really good look and can find similar typefaces, but nothing with quite the same counter shape on the 'a', at the same time as having the extra curve inwards on the beginning of the stem.

Also the aperture of the 'n' has thrown me off a little, with its interesting curving.

It's very unlikely to have been tweaked, but I'm open to being surprised…

Thanks in advance!



This is a tweaked Univers (Bold).

Ahh, yes I can see that now. Shame the poor 'c' has been stretched :(

Thanks for the id.

It just looks like it was badly vectorised at some point?

Hmm, it does, good observation!

Unfortunately I don't know much about its history. Just its future now.

most probably fallacious conversion font -> Beziers