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(x) William Blair & Company - unknown

Can someone please direct me to this font. I’ve tried but without success, Shelley Andante Script, Palace Script and Copperplate Script… so what is it?

Thanks-sillyWilliam Blair & Company


Try English Script from Bitsream. Wow! it is aweful close. BUT, not quite. The amperstand! and also mini ball terminals on the cap W. How old is this company?



BTW I also looked at a print from the Cronite Companies Master Plate fonts, and their english script has much reduced ball terminals. Doesn’t help the amperstand.

It could be because you altered the ampersand, which means you have converted it to an outline, while the rest are not.

Try converting all the fonts to outlines, if you want a more consistent look and see if it works.

Otherwise you might need to alter the thickness manually.(?)

Just a suggestion.

Thats exactly what I did. The ampersand was converted to an outline so I could manipulate it. But like I said, it only shows bolder in my jpeg and the factory wants vector art and it looks good in illustrator so I guess i’m ok.


Definately even closer, though it doesn’t show the amperstand in my sample: Middleton’s Formal Script, Ludlow 1956. Can’t find it digitaly. WB&C was founded in 1935. So it’d have to be an update on the original logo.

Anyone? I’ll upload a scan if I get a chance.


I tried English Script. As you said, so close but the amperstand. There are so many fonts “close to” but I can’t seem to find the exact match. Thanks for trying. I’m still hunting. Will let you know if I find it.

Other options: English Sackers Script and Citidel Script,
Englische Schreibschrift, English 111 Adagio.

Would be interesting to know the origin of the logo, Jill.
If it’s an older design that may explain the lack of a
digital font to match. Whether it’s old or not, I’ll bet you
won’t find an ampersand exactly like that one. My
guess is that it was altered so the trailing stroke didn’t
hit the “Company”.

I like the English Sackers Script. Thats about the closest I’ve seen along with Copperplate Script. I also agree with you that the ampersand was probally altered. I’m going to talk with my customer tomorrow to see if I can find out anything regarding the original font.

Thanks Stephen.

Yes Romesh, Embassy is also very close. Thanks for the direction. Will let everyone know which way I will have to go.


Ok, the customer did not want to purchase fonts so I had to work with what I have. She said to get as close as possible. I used Shelley Andante Script for the “W” in William and the “r” in Blair. I then used Palace Script for the rest of the text and altered the ampersand to look as close to the original. This is how it turned out.

I don’t know why the ampersand is looking bolder than the rest?? It doesn’t look like that in illustrator or when I print it out.