UNIVERSAL introduces new movie logotype

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UNIVERSAL filmstudios have launched a remake of their iconic movie intro logotype.

I find it pretty juicy.

But now to type.

The main line looks like a Gill Sans / Akzidenz mixture, while the subhead is Futura. It does not look like a deliberate combination choice.

The spacing of the main line is nothing but a complete mess.

The S in UNIVERSAL is too small.

The gap between 100th and Anni… is extraorbital.

– A splendid animation, great music, high ambitions. Only type was neglectable.
I wonder.

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They shot the serifs!

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There are some things I like about it, but it would be stronger if they made it a few seconds shorter.

This video shows all of Universals' logos over the years.


My favorites are still the early ones.

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… and they missed the opportunity to go for a rather contemporary typeface.

The Art Deco feeling of the early ones is still captivating.

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It would be difficult to produce anything more unimaginative.


My favourite of this genre in recent years was the opening sequence of Charlie’s Angels, in which the camera flies through the logo and into the opening action sequence in the clouds behind Columbia.

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I think Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981 was one of the first movies to do something creative with studio's logo sequence — they had the Paramount logo become a real mountain.


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/me takes a long look at OP's picture…

Looks very smooth and sleek—and about as me-too and stodgy as all get out.

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