Typeface suggestions for this spec?

So I need a display font that can be used in a logo and probably in the staple brand typography. I'd love to get something bespoke done, but there is no time and very little money, if it can, it needs to communicate:

-Internationalism, as in have broad international appeal
-quality (of course!)
-academic excellence

-as an alternative to internationalism, London.

Really, I am looking for people to pot-shot fonts that are distinctive, ownable (ie not a Helvetica or Dax type font that is used by loads of companies), something that can be used in typographical treatments that will have enough character to be recognisable and 'ours'.

I realise this might sound a bit like doing the whole freakin job for me, but really, any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated, I'm really intrigued to see what people think.

Many thanks,



Claire, Kievit seems way too generic.
But an instance of his flamboyant sister perhaps?

BTW Owen, it sounds like you already have a text
font lined up? Knowing what it is would be helpful.


Well, it's Trade Gothic at the moment, I was going to stick with that in as much as I see it as a fairly dependable sans with good x height etc so good for setting in large bodies of type, quite neutral, lots of weights. If you'd like to suggest another Combo or body font that fits better with my spec, then by all means do so!



Why not give a try with a nice Novo Typo typeface? They are very exclusive for sure. http://www.novotypo.nl/
And we're available to customize a typeface to your needs.

Thanks, I had a look at your type, they look great, just not right for this project. I'll bear you in mind in the future though.