(x) Indian-style type again

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I am still looking at book covers trying to find a font that will suit a novel I am doing set in Bombay in the 1970s and 1980s. Does anyone know this one or can think or any others that would suit? I don't want something too "paisley" but it's got to have some character. Thank you! book cover

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Eat me, henboy.
Eat me, waffler.


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Here I am, after a good night's rest, just arrived at work, checking the Typophile boards (hi everyone, did you miss me? ;) ) and what do I find? Hrant pulled a one minute Type ID on us! Broke all the records! Just like that, without a warning!

So there he was, hiding in the undergrowth like an Armenian tiger (do they make those?), biding his time, flexing his muscle, eyes squinting, and... SWOOOOSH! All our efforts for naught.

Brilliant, Hrant. I'm waffled baffled.


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Well, maybe not tigers, but we do have mountain lions. But my secret was that I had you two covered there. For you, I made sure to go nocturnal. For Stephen, there's only one way: toiletcam.

BTW, there should still be room for a zero-minuter.


As for Miriam's related question:
I think Dalliance is actually an interesting choice for this topic. A less subtle choice might be something like ITC Simran.


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Haha. 1 minute. Respect.

It's "on sale" at MyFonts.

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