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I'm working on the interface for Fontclod (introductory thread). Would anyone mind giving some input here?

I decided to go with a more "minimal" styling which I thinks work better for most webapps. I also decided to go with a more traditional menu structure because of the nature of a font editor. Both the tool palette and palettes on the right are quite WIP. I haven't decided on a default set of tools or palettes yet. The glyph chooser at the bottom will be expandable, and be subset with filters.

Anyway, thoughts on this mock up would be highly appreciated. :)


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Please be advised that I don’t use font editors, so my comments would be superficial.
- Alegraya Black looks like a drop down menu. I don’t think it would be a good idea placing it right below other menus.
- Bottom left icons aren’t very clear.
- I suppose Brian is the user. I think it would be better to separate as much as possible the service interface from the work one.
- That ß looks wide… ops, this isn’t pertinent, sorry ;-)

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As for keyboard shortcuts, it would be great if you could implement single-letter ones (i.e. just Z for undo, etc.).

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