Unknown serif book faces

Editted: Have a few more that I'm struggling to identity. Will update and edit this as they are solved.

Any ideas on this one? From an American edition of A Clockwork Orange:

2. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/571/screenshot20120310at145.jpg/


Sorry I had trouble inserting and attaching the image for some reason so...Linked here is a hi-res scan of Pan Books' 1964 edition of A Clockwork Orange. At first I thought I saw hints of a version of Garamond, but then the 'j' and the 's' do not comply.

1. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/823/screenshot20120310at121.png/ – Seems more likely to be Bembo.


I think it’s Bembo.
There are minor differences compared to digital tho.


Bembo Book’s x-height matches better.


Isn't Bembo Book only a fairly recent digital addition though? But is what you mean, since there are discrepancies between the original print of the print and current digitisations of Bembo, then it makes sense to compare it with Bembo Book?

Unless someone around here knows better I guess Bembo Book is the closest you can get.

Yup, thanks for the help. Any chance you have any insight on the following? I edited my original post as there are some more I'm unsure about:


Again seems to me like Garamond in parts (unless I'm just seeing it everywhere), though trouble is there are so many versions nowadays.