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Type design competition of the Association Typographique Internationale, 2001

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Dear friend,

Two months are left to the deadline for submission to bukvaraz!, the type design competition of the Association Typographique Internationale.

We are inviting you all to submit your work to bukva:raz!. We would much appreciate your entering your designs to bukva:raz! After all, a show is only as good as its pieces, and we are certain that your entry can make a difference.

A brief description of the competition follows. More information on bukva:raz! can be found on our Web site, at>, or requested from this office.

Please let us know if you wish to receive, by e-mail, a special information package, and we shall send it to you at once, nicely compressed, to save download time, and to protect the integrity of the file.

The package (in PDF format) consists of the full text of the Call for entries, and the competition Entry form. Kindly specify your choice of compression format: SEA or ZIP.

[Please advise us of your current mailing address, so we could fetch you a copy of the printed version of the Call for entries (it does include the Entry form). We would also appreciate your sending us your current telephone and telefax numbers.]

If you have questions regarding any aspects of the competition--e.g., the rules of participation, the submission procedure, the judging, etc.,--do not hesitate to ask. We can be easily reached by mail, by telephone, by telefax, and by e-mail (see below).

We look forward to hearing from you, to seeing your work entered to bukva:raz!, and, inshallah, selected by the jury for its typographic excellence. Good luck.

Thank you in advance,

Maxim Zhukov, Chairman, bukva:raz!


Anna Shmeleva, Secretary, bukva:raz!



Type design competition of the Association Typographique Internationale, 2001


In bukva:raz! bukva is the Russian for 'letter' (as in 'letterform') and raz for 'one' (as in 'two thousand and one').


Moscow, Russia.

Date (judging):

1-2 December 2001.

Organiser (on behalf of ATypI):

Type Designers Association, Moscow.


Matthew Carter, Yuri Gherchuk, Akira Kobayashi, Lyubov' Kuznetsova, Gerry Leonidas, Fiona Ross, Vladimir Yefimov.


Maxim Zhukov.


Anna Shmeleva.


Text typefaces, display typefaces, pictorial typefaces.

Writing systems:


Period covered:



Monday, 5 November 2001.

Fee (entry, hanging, etc.):


Mailing address:

bukva:raz! 21 Rozhdestvensky Bvd., Bldg. 2, Moscow 103045, Russia.


+ 7 (095) 928-3688; + 7 (095) 332-4001


+ 7 (095) 129-0911.



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