check out - Ruslan Display

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I want to introduce you - Ruslan Display

opinions are welcome ))))

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Who was B. Snarsky?

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> Who was B. Snarsky?

Maybe it is rather Oleg Vladimirovich Snarskiy (Олег Владимирович Снарский) ?

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The Cyrillic alphabet is made by Oleg Vladimirovich Snarskiy - is indicated.
I did extendet Latin on the basis of its design of Cyrillic.

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I just saw an image of Ruslan on a sedan's trunk lid.

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@Té Rowan - What was written? )))
if possible - take a photo and sent me ))))

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Wish I could, but I'd need a pensieve... and, sadly, this isn't a Potterverse.

So here is what happened: I was looking at the Behance image and thinking about where I could see Ruslan in real life. And right then, this image appeared in my mind: A close-up of a trunk lid on what looked like a bright red luxury sedan with the name in moulded, chromed Ruslan. My mind is just weird like that.

RL incident: I was reading a story some years ago and had fallen into a flow state where my eyes picked up the text on the screen and my mind immediately translated it into a full movie. Then... my sister knocked on the door, announcing dinner. It took me quite a few minutes to recover from the crash.

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@Té Rowan - Strange things happen... ))))

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I'm no stranger to them.

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I like the overall look, however I hope you have an alternate /S. To me, it is too high.

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@sim - Thanks ))
"I hope you have an alternate /S" - I made another one, as in the dollar sign.
I'm working on OpenType version, which will include some alternatives and ligatures

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