Amble by Punchcut

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I was surprised to see that Punchcut has a typeface available through Font Squirrel: Amble.

I say surprised because I had not seen any discussion of it here at Typophile, which – as they say – is a Punchcut gig.

Amble looks similar to Droid, doesn't it?

I'm curious: has anyone seen a release notice for Amble or a critique of the typeface?

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Whoa, thanks for the link. We'll follow up with them.

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After looking into it further, I see Christian Robertson is credited with the design of Amble, and it is copyright 2009.

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Whoa indeed!

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"Amble looks similar to Droid" - of course, both humanistic dynamic text grotesques ))))
they should look similar. ))))
Italics and Lights looks strange - it's the hinting problem?

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John, Amble was designed by Punchcut. In 2010 Sun licensed it for inclusion in the JavaFX SDK for mobile handsets. Thanks for pointing out the FontSquirrel link. Any similarity to Droid stems from a similar creative brief over at Ascender Corp.

We use a web optimized version of Amble on our site as well, but it's not available in the SDK.

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