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Sorry about all the crude joinery stopping and starting the lines, this is a first up study and I'm no where near comfortable with doing it in only three segments - but as hand drawn goes I can do a lot worse :)

The letter is on the end of LOV.

Comments & crits greatly appreciated.


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Nice enough, but what I'm wondering is, is it
going to stay an outline? If not, how will you
handle the overlaps, to get typographic notan?
And along those lines (pardon the pun) what's
the deal with the top intersection with the "v"?


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Can we see the whole word?

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Thanks for the comments :)

Eventually I had trouble with the expression right part of the letter and eliminated the narrower bits and removed the negative space seen just before the right side 'ball' terminal. It's now stouter and not so exaggerated.

I'll post up the whole piece soon as I can.

Hrant, the letters will be done in outline with a fill. The intersection of the v is a common graffiti technique of blending /merging separate elements. So I want to merge the v's right side ball terminal with the e whilst having the e as the dominant element seen as an overlap.


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Sort of the final one for now, I brought in the expression to a point to where the terminal is now perceived more within the letter shape and enlarged (might yet increase the size even more) the terminal to be as large as the one of the cross bar, and rotated the inner part of the terminal to add some tension between itself and the stroke...

...and here's a gif showing the design changes...

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Heh heh.
I'm so new I smell of formaldehyde, but I maintain an interest.
It's all getting a little elizibethan...perhaps one could make a living grinding ink and cutting quills for dilletantes. Some of my best friends, etc...

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