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(x) IceCube Font

Ok, who can identify this little nasty one?


oh, and Yves: I give you a hint regarding “Hurray”
it starts with and “L” and ends with “ouis Michel”


eurostile surely?

(I’m from Beirut, I can’t help it.)


Foundry Monoline Regular

Foundry Monoline Regular

Stephen, how the hell did you generate that sample?!


You may very well be right, Stephen. That’s the brand new one, isn’t it? There’s an ad for Foundry Monoline in one of the latest issues of Eye magazine. I’ll check it tonight and post a scan if necessary.

Well, if I might add my two cents to Hrant’s commentary: I think yesterday’s front page of the New York Post Metro Edition was INCREDIBLY rude, a shameless and utter misappropriation of historical facts. This is a perfect example of how history can be grossly misused in an argument. Anyone wanting to react to this comment is invited to e-mail me personally. I’m almost sorry I brought this up in this thread, but I’m very offended (although I’m not French).

Yves, it’s not so brand new. The Foundry likes to advertise
their stuff in Eye for several months after release.

Hrant, FontLab.

Hm… Must have missed that one. Then again, I’m generally not so aware of Foundry types as I’m not such a fan of Quay’s, but that’s probably because I got brainwashed by Neville. :-)

PS Sometimes my posts take ages to appear in the thread, hence the “post a scan” remark after you posted your sample, Stephen.

Thank You stephen!

and yves, where can I find this article?

Today’s De Morgen, page 4. You won’t believe your eyes. It’s disgusting, and it has nothing to do with the situation at hand.

Scan it and post it, Yves :-)

Nope, the inimitable House Gothic 23 Text Light.

Hmmm, Eurostile regular seems thicker, more cubic and less sophisticated to me. Unless there is some “light” version I don’t know about…

Regarding the “Hurray”, I’m stumped though… What “Hurray”? Where? How? When? Is it something I said, did or asked? You on drugs, Lettertiep? ;p

Hey, Yves I’m not convinced, sorry,
I set the IceCube word with the LetterSetter, and HouseGothic seems more cubic than the one above…

IceCube in HouseGothic

Remember Hrant mentioning:
BTW, hooray for Belgium yesterday! ?

Whoops, looks like I’m the one who’s on drugs.


Oh, that! I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.

Perhaps you’re looking at Foundry Monoline.

And I believe Hrant was talking about Belgium’s NATO veto.
(Always trying to stick some politics into type talk. Naughty Hrant.)

I tought so too.. but I can’t make it up from their tiny gifs…