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Inserting pictures & other things

File attachments are possible in one's blog. Once the file is properly transferred, it can be used in any thread.

text-gb2312.txt is referenced in node/121329#comment-593541
text-bm-utf8.txt is referenced in node/121329#comment-593541


Like this:

<img src="URL" />

Where "URL" is, well, the url of the image. :)

What are the limitations of filesize, pixel dimensions, image format and filenaming?


The formats seem to be as documented, except for the size limit;

Only files with the following extensions may be uploaded: jpg jpeg gif png txt html doc xls pdf ppt swf pps.

Nothing has changed. I could transfer a pdf that is less than 128K. I tried a larger one (192 K) and got this

I inserted that image with

<img src="../../files/error_52397.jpg">

where the link is one of the attachments above.

PS I changed for  <img src="/files/error_52397.jpg">,   which is probably better.

When you are logged in, you click on "My blog" at the top right, then you click on "Post new blog entry" (at the top) and you just choose some file to attach (at the bottom) and save. The file is then on the typophile server. If you uploaded filename.png, then inserting <img src="/files/filename.png"> in some thread will display it.

Note that you can edit your blog (there is a button for that at the top) and then make new attachments.

Well, insert image is now back. So what I wrote above is no longer useful for image files.

Friendly, but by no means safe.
Vertical slash, chi?, greater than.
I could look it up. But what and why?
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The Dirac notation for Quantum mechanics comes from Paul Dirac (Nobel Prize in Physics, 1933). The font used here is Fourier Math, a mathematical font made to complement Adobe Utopia for writing mathematical texts (which I do on a daily basis). The avatar reads "ket psi".

The code of the following insertion is

<iframe width=560 height=500 src="/files/interp_560.html">
<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>

Your browser does not support iframes.