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Where to learn about kerning?

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Where to learn about kerning?

This seems to be a very popular topic on here but where would be a good place to learn about kerning and the amount of spacing that is correct between two letters is it more of an opinion or is there a specific way to tell if letters are too tight or too far apart? Is there any books or websites you guys would recommend? I've been really working on getting the spacing between letters right but sometimes I don't know if there can be things done to them as they seem to be getting too close or others feel like they can't get any closer. Sometimes I don't know if it's good to get anymore closer as the letters begin to touch even though there seems to be still a lot of space left. Sometimes that makes letters form something that looks like another letter or shape. Other times the letters can get very close but almost feels too close or that the top or middle or other parts are cutting into the open space even though another part of the letter might still have space from the other letter.

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