Simple San Serif?

Any ideas?


Arial Bold?

No, the /G/ is not right. This is one of those more recent in-between grotesques, but I don't know which.

Yeah, I noticed the G, but hadn’t checked.

It is Arial with a custom G, absolutely.

Looks like Arial with a custom G to me too.

Actually, the slanted cuts (on r, e, etc.) in the sample look a bit less steep than the ones in Arial.

WhatTheFont thinks it's Arial, although Riccardo is right about the cuts. However it looks identical otherwise. Perhaps someone went to the trouble of customizing Arial a great deal for the job

Arial is a pretty close fit, if you need to use a similar font. Helvetica or Neuzeit S would probably also do the trick. :)

Good find Craig!

I cheated a bit and asked a contact at the Walker design dept (the sample is from the Walker Art Center's big graphic design exhibition).


Is it better than Arial?

Better for what purpose?

From it's site:

Union is intended for situations where Helvetica seems too sophisticated and Arial too vulgar, or vice versa.

So I suppose it's to be used when one wants something between vulgar and sophisticated.

Or vice versa.