My font doesn't appear in word (mac) !

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Hello everyone,
I've looked for a solution for this problem for almost 2 days. I usually don't write on forums because I always find someone who already had my problem and have a solution, but well, this is time is my time to have a problem unsolved.

I created a new typeface and installed it as .otf
and it works well on all my programs (on mac) : textedit, open office, indesign
but it doesn't work on word (macintosh).... -_- it doesn't even appear in the list of fonts
very strange thing, it does work on word (windows).
Edit : I also tried with .ttf (same problem)

I need to make it work on mac as well. Anyone already had this problem and know a solution ?

So, please,
Help ! :(

Thank you,


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What's the filename, and does the FontInfo follow the basic word convention of Regular, Italic, bold, BoldItalic?

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Wasn't there something weird with Word. where you have to manually say a font also "supports Greek"? From memory, but it did come up recently.

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Hi and thank you for your help !

The name of the font is COHDA-Regular. It's a font made from pictograms for an visual identity.
I made it with Glyphs software. So, I've made only one version, the regular one.
How can I know if the FontInfo follow the word convention ?

I didn't have to change anything in word on my pc, it works well.
And I did try everything on my mac, including support of foreign languages. Still, the font doesn't even appear.

Also I gave the font to a friend to try it on another pc. He told me only the first line of his keyboard from A to P works. All the others letters of this font doesn't work.... ??????????

Thank you again for your help :)

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