What to pair with Courier?

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Hi all,

I need to find a typeface to pair with Courier, both used as body texts. Though I know some suggestions will include replacing Courier, I would like to stick with it. As such, it's been a huge challenge finding a typeface to work alongside it... Any suggestions??

Thanks so much!

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You have two text faces? What does each one do, and how
should they relate? BTW, I own a small novel that uses
four text faces; it works, because it's subtle. But Courier
isn't one of them. :-)

What about a Courier with proportional widths?
Doesn't LineTo have one? That would be less bad...


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Hi hrant,

Thanks for the suggestion! I'm trying to lay out a book on punk rock, so the text for that would be set in Courier, while the other text would discuss graphic design in relation to it. There should be enough contrast to differentiate between the two subjects, yet tie them together atmospherically as well.

I'll take a look at LineTo's version! Thanks!

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What about a slab-serif?


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Do you know Courier Sans from Lineto? Maybe you can do something with it …

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Some suggestions:
There are at least another face inspired by Courier: http://www.gestalten.com/news/hellschreiber
Whatever typewriter-style font (which I think it’s an appropriate choice) you will end using, make sure it’s dark enough (i.e. no Courier New).
Depending on the historical scope of the book, a possibility is choosing a text face from the seventies.

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